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ML Basics #4: Replace Negatives With Zeros!
ML Basics #3: More Layers!
ML Basics #2: Multilayer Perceptron
The Autodidact's Register: Issue #1
ML Basics #1: Start With A Neuron
Takeaways from Naval Ravikant's JRE episode
Using Service Accounts for GKE workloads
Book Summary: Atomic Habits
Understanding the A star algorithm
Summary Notes: Bayes' Theorem
Visualizing inputs that maximally activate feature maps of a convnet
Generating artistic images using Neural Style Transfer
Understanding Object Detection Part 4: More Anchors!
Understanding Object Detection Part 3: Single Shot Detector
Blogging Philosophy
Understanding Object Detection Part 2: Single Object Detection
Understanding Object Detection Part 1: The Basics
Evolution of Grad-CAM heat-maps along a ResNet-34
Generating class discriminative heat-maps using Grad-CAM
Understanding ResNets
Word Embeddings and RNNs
Summary Notes: GRU and LSTMs
Summary Notes: Basic Recurrent Neural Networks
Visualizing Convolutions
Visualizing Optimisation Algorithms
Moving from Jekyll to Nikola
Summary Notes: Forward and Back Propagation
Writing a decision tree from scratch
Booking Wonder Woman tickets with a twist